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Tantha Top 10 - Official Impact TV Episode 113

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Tantha Top 10 - Official
Is a Music Chart Episode
Hosted by IMPACT TV in partnership with TANTHA
IMPACT TV has given Tantha the opportunity to be the First ever Music Video Rating Chart.

To bring the current international trends which have never been initiated in Manipur Music History or Manipur Film Fraternity.
TANTHA takes this moment of historic significance and thanks to all our supporters and subscriber. And hope you guys will watch more online songs in order to set Manipur Music Scene into a more professional and classy standard. Your support makes all the difference. It's you guys who made it all possible.

Tantha Top 10 is based upon the counts which a Music Video gets on the seven day that is Friday where the Tantha Analytics Team assess the number count. 1st Friday till the next Friday is where the counting base is recorded and marked according to the number tally on the most viewers to the fewer viewers. #tantha #tanthatop10 #manipur #tantha #tanthatop10 #manipur

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