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Inspiring, Emotional Epic Movie Soundtrack on Guitar | Guitar Lesson |

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Tab/Video tab on screen: https://www.patreon.com/posts/21571801
YouTube Tabs: https://www.blitzguitar.com/creative-fingerstyle-youtube-archive-lessons-on-patreon/

In this fingerstyle guitar lesson I am going to show you how to write inspiring, emotional and epic movie soundtrack on guitar using fingerpicking technique.

Yesterday I was watching an amazing movie called Inception with Leonardo Di Caprio and I really loved the movie soundtrack so I decided to record one and show you the process.

There are three things that I follow when I want to write and emotional, epic and inspiring soundtrack.

Use a simple chord progression. Busy progression don't suit this type of style at all.
Play the melody withing the chords. Most of the time I am simple arpeggiating the chord and playing one note at a time.
Use delay and reverb so that each chord sound fuller.
You can get the tab as well as the tab on screen on my Patreon page.

Good luck!

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