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Game Starts ~ No Game No Life OST [1 Hour Music Extended]

Добавлено от Admin В Саундтреки
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Well hot dang, this took forever to do (due to my life getting a bit stressful) but in any case, I'm happy to finally release this OST.

I'll be doing it in short burst of waves since there are 3 vol in total. This coming week will be busy with streams and games, so be on the lookout for my streams, more info on my discord if you're interested [https://discord.gg/vfZ9Qvf], as I'm getting a lot of WR... which can be beaten given the right chance =P

Anyways, if you are curious, this won't have any waves as I want this out as fast as possible and waves are only going to be exclusive to Deemo and Touhou since I love them so much I don't really care how long they take =P

Back in topic with NGNL, there are 19 songs in the first vol., so I'll be trying to release it all at once this whole week, hope you enjoy =3

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